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EmartBuy Image Processor

EmartBuy Image Processor - Quality Affordable website design by Cubix Web SolutionsSite Link: Description:

EmartBuy is one of the leading sellers on the EBay web site and also owns an independent web site at EmartBuy.co.uk

EmartBuy approached Cubix Web Solutions with an interesting requirement. Their Ebay account listed more than a 100 different products and they found it impossible to develop attractive listing images for every product. Cubix Web Solutions understood their business requirements and developed a web application to generate bespoke images on-the-fly.

The Image Processor web application hosted on their web site consisted of taking all the similar product images as an input, processing them based on the EmartBuy's specifications and generating output with the image size they require. Processing includes attaching text messages or images on the top, bottom, left vertical and right vertical of the product images. Additional image processing features also include watermarking, batch cropping, resizing and image quality adjustments. This means EmartBuy can now simply upload 100s of images together through FTP, specify to the web site what processing needs to be done, and that is it. It is like having a bespoke online Mini-PhotshopTM!

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